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Wedding Photo Albums Chicago

If you have been dreaming all your life about having the most amazing wedding album, that captures each and every magic moment of your wedding day in a unique way, we can make your wish come true.

Our Albums are all uniquely designed for you. We don't use templates, and we don't use any one else's designs, so your album will be as unique as you are.  At Gia Dragoi Photography, we take our time to make your album as great you desire. We will take into account all your ideas and suggestions and you will have the last ok before we send it to print.  Your wedding album will be the most important piece and the wrap-up of all these significant moments that took place during the ceremony and the reception, and if you want, from the engagement session too.

Our albums come in a large variety of sizes, pages and cover selection.  We offer Italian custom made albums, as well as locally (United States) printed albums.  It all depends on what you like as your final product.  Our sizes are from 8x8 to 16x20, pages start at a minimum of 20, and basic colors are black, ivory and burgundy, although custom made covers can be made of plexy-glass, metal, satin cover and wood covers.  

To finish up the album, you can choose the paper you'd like, luster or matte, glossy or metallic.  As well as rounded or square corners, round or flat spine, and white, gold or silver gilding.  All of these are free of charge once you've ordered an album.

Also, besides your traditional wedding album, we offer wedding photo books, family photo albums, online photo albums, photo DVD (tv-slideshow), vintage style albums, wedding canvas prints, wedding linen prints, and of course, traditional photographic prints. 

By Gia Dragoi

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