Who will be photographing our wedding?

Your wedding will always be photographed by Gia.

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How long will the photographer be present?

I work based on full day schedule (up to 10 hours.)

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How many photos will be taken on my wedding day?

Normally, on a regular full day wedding, with ceremony, reception and wedding party photos, you’ll receive about 1000-1500 edited photos.

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Should I make a list of desired photos?

If you have any specific poses you might like, it would be very helpful for you to bring the ideas to the photographer, preferably before the wedding day.

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Does the photographer take group shots for the wedding party?

Yes, absolutely.  Wedding party shots are taken at a time and place previously decided on by the bride and groom and the photographer.

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Are the wedding proofs marked in any way with the photographer's copyright?

No, they are not.  Proofs are 4×6 in size with no markings or copyrights on them.

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Who owns the copyrights to these photos?

The photographer as well as the client own the copyrights.

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What type of equipment does the photographer use?

We use Canon equipment for the cameras and lenses, and Elinchrom for the lighting equipment.

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When will I receive my photos after the wedding?

About three (3) weeks after the wedding you will receive your digital photos together with the proofs (if proofs are chosen).

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Is there a deposit due at signing of the contract, and when is the final payment due?

There is a 10% deposit due at signing at contract, and the final payment is due before or on the wedding day.

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What about travel fees, hotel or car rental for destination weddings?

For a destination wedding, travel fees include plane tickets and hotel, car rental usually is not necessary when wedding is in one location.

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How can I contact the photographer?

Call Gia at  (312) 927-7238 or toll free (877) 927-7238 to schedule a no obligation consultation.

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