First photo-shoot

First photo-shoot

Engagement sessions are a “must do” nowadays. These couple of hours of the engagement photo-shoot are important in establishing a relationship between the bride and groom and the photographer. It is recommended that you have a photo-shoot session before your wedding to not only to get those much-needed photos for invitations, save the date or just for a small album for the two of you, but also, to get to know your photographer better. I am here to make your photo session as relaxed and comfortable as possible, while getting all the necessary photos.

Your special day photo session

Not long ago, you were having your engagement photo-shoot. But now, it’s time for that extraordinary day photos to be taken.
Your wedding day is one of the most significant days of your life, and for that precious moment, I am there to make sure that every moment and expression is captured for a lifetime of enjoyment.
Every aspect of this day will be captured in unique and memorable photographs, to have and to hold, to look at and to share with your future kids and grandkids.

You want to put on your wedding gown one more time? We have the perfect excuse.
Trash the Dress sessions requires timing, skill, and often-tricky locations to get the shot just right. What’s best about this, however, is that it can be arranged for a later time, thus giving you the perfect opportunity to add a different style to your wedding photos and give the dress one more run for the money. It is however worth doing such a session, not only for the enjoyment of it, but also for the great and diverse photos that come at the end.

All memories in one wonderful place

If you have been dreaming all your life about having the most amazing wedding album, that captures each and every magic moment of your wedding day in a exceptional way, we can make your wish come true.
At Gia Dragoi Photography, we take our time to make your album as great you wished. We will take into account all your ideas and suggestions and you will have the last ok before we send it to print. Your wedding album will be the most important piece and the wrap-up of all these key moments that took place during the ceremony and the reception and if you want, from the engagement session too.

Mini-you deserves her/his own photo-shoot!
Baby photos are something that each parent can’t wait to have. I try to capture the best facial expressions and movement a baby makes by keeping him/her in their environment and keeping them comfortable. Some of the best photos are taken outside and in nature, but when that’s not possible, a comfortable indoor session is always welcomed. Also, having props and costumes, make the photo funnier and gives us room for more creativity.